African Trees

Whistling Thorn Tree

Trees are an integral part of the African landscape. From the mighty Baobab to the thorny acacias and the distinctive Sausage tree, there are many interesting species. This is a list of the trees we have identified and photographed. Click on the links for more information.


Acacia, Yellow-barked
African Baobab
Albizia Tree
Candelabra Tree
Ebony, African
Fever Tree
Jackalberry Tree
Long Pod Cassia
Milkberry, Lowveld
Palm, Borassus
Palm, Doum
Quinine Tree
Sausage Tree (Kigelia)
Shepherds Tree
Thorn, Splendid
Thorn, Three-hooked
Thorn, Umbrella
Thorn, Whistling


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