Blue-headed Tree Agama

Acanthocercus atricollis

Size: Up to 38 cms long
Habitat: Trees and occasionally on the ground
Feeding: Insects (mostly beetles and ants)

The Blue-headed Tree Agama, also called Black-necked Agama or Blue-throated Agama, is a lizard. It is native to East, Central and southern Africa. Being cold-blooded creatures they are often seen sunning themselves on the branches or trunks of trees.

Breeding males have a head with varying shades of blue and bluey green. There is a large black spot on each side above the shoulder, and a yellowish stripe down the back. The tail is a dull green to olive/brown. Females and non-breeding males are olive/green/brown, with black markings above and a black shoulder spot.

This photo was taken near Lake Naivasha, Kenya.









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