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Wildlife of Africa

Africa is one of the richest wildlife areas in the world. From wide open plains to dense jungles to vast deserts, the continent is teeming with wildlife. It is home to some of the most majestic and fascinating animals on the planet. The equator passes through the centre of Africa and most of the continent lies within the tropics, offering ideal conditions for a huge variety of flora and fauna.

We have visited Africa on several occasions but our time there is always very short. We have collected photos and information about not only animals, but also birds, insects, flowers and trees, during visits to Botswana, Cape Verde, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We built this web site to document what we have seen and hope that it will help you learn about the flora and fauna of Africa, understand the beauty of this great continent and whet your appetite to find out more!


Male lion

Many of the animals on this web site will be very familiar, others less so. All are wild and most are native to Africa. Read More »


Little Bee-eaters

Africa is teeming with birds. There are thousands indigenous to the continent. Read about the ones we have seen »



In the excitement of seeing so much wonderful African wildlife, flowers and trees tend to be overlooked.  Read More »

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